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How To Sell Online Successfully In Malaysia (Physical Products)

Most brick-and-mortar retailers are scrambling to get a piece of the online market. Every year more and more people become accustomed to the idea of making a purchase online. This really drives home how important an e-commerce business website is for anyone selling a product or service. Shopping is one more thing the internet has changed forever.

Source: U.S. Commerce Department, Forrester Research, Internet Retailer, ComScore, Inc.

However in order for anyone to sell successfully, you need to put in place 3 very important elements.

We call it The 3 Pillars of Internet Selling (for Physical Products). 

Pillar 1: Skill Of Selling

Put it simply, this is the skill of getting your products found and sold online, which include all the process.

  1. Market Research Skill 
  2. Keyword Generation Skill 
  3. Photography Skill 
  4. Description Skill 
  5. Pricing Skill 
  6. Costing Skill 
  7. Shipping Costing Skill 
  8. Proper Terms & Conditions 
  9. Packaging Skill 

Pillar 2: Skill Of Product Sourcing

This is the skill of finding highest quality products at the lowest price.

Pillar 3: Discounted shipping

Shipping is one of the intergral part of internet business. It makes or kill your profits. Therefore, you must have a highly discounted shipping rate to make your products competitive.

MIR Maju's Unique Combination of all 3 Pillars

Most of the services in the market are provided by individual service provider.

Now, MIR Maju Enterprise combined all these 3 very important elements to give you peace of mind when you start and operate your online business.